El Fili Chapter 11: Los Baños

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The Capitan Heneral tried to hunt in Bosoboso. The accompanying band probably scared off the prey. The local government officials wanted to suck up to the Capitan Heneral considered getting someone to dress up as a deer.

After the unsuccessful hunt, the Capitan Heneral returns to Los Baños.

It was the 31st of December.

Check out the following notes…

The Dominicans dominated the schools. They were in fierce competition with the Jesuits.

Padre Sibyla is a rector at UST. The Dominicans are against the plans to build a school.

The youth are relying on Padre Irene to support their plan.

Bosoboso has an elevation of 185 meters (606 feet), according to http://www.calle.com/world/philippines/Bo.html

If you want to see the view 5.7 km (3.5 miles) ESE of Bosoboso, Southern Tagalog, Philippines, please see:

Why wasn’t the Capitan Heneral able to shoot any deer or birds in the forest? He had a band that played loud music wherever he went.

What social ill did Rizal describe using the Capitan Heneral? Officials wanted to ingratiate themselves to those in power. Take note of the musical band plus the plan to dress someone up as a deer for er…hunting purposes.

Why was Padre Camorra angry with the card game of the two priests and the Capitan Heneral? He was not aware that the two priests were deliberately losing the game to make the Capitan Heneral happy, so that they may obtain the ruling they want regarding the school.

Why did Simoun order his servant to transport his gems/jewels via banca on the lake, while he carried the even more expensive treasures with him as he traveled on land? He planned to meet the rebels, and intended to give some of his treasures to the leader of the bandits or tulisans, as proof that he trusts them. He was even willing to travel by himself.

What Philippine institution was Rizal making fun of, in hopes that he wounds or stirs the social conscience of the Filipinos? Sabong or cockfighting. The size of the arena, money spent on bets rather than on education or tuition, cages of cocks are sometimes nicer than the homes of the sabungeros.

What did Rizal refer to as “contradicting desires” in Chapter 11? Filipinos want to learn Spanish (but this will enslave them even more)… while the Spaniards don’t want to grant the wish of the Filipinos.

Why was Padre Fernandez, a Dominican, in favor of the youth’s plan to put up a school? He was unlike most Dominicans, and had met a number of bright students at the University.

Meanwhile, get ready to meet Placido Penitente…

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