El Fili Chapter 26: Pasquinades

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Basilio wakes up early and heads for the hospital. He wants to take care of his licensure at the university after visiting his patient. At that time, no one was given the title “Doctor”; instead, one simply got a license in order to help heal people as some kind of physician.

He plans to borrow some funds from Makaraig, because Basilio had already used his savings to bail out Juli.

In front of San Juan de Letran, someone asks Basilio about the uprising. He remembers what Simoun said before about the students and the revolution.

Questions and Answers

1. Why can’t Basilio borrow money from Capitan Tiago?

He was too embarrassed and didn’t want Capitan Tiago to think Basilio was trying to get his inheritance in advance.

2. Did Simoun have anything to do with the signs (paskil)?

According to the katedratiko Basilio got to speak with, Simoun had nothing to do with these things. In fact, Simoun had been bed-ridden for the past two days.

3. Who saw the paskils?

None of those talking actually saw anything. The Vice Rector Sibyla has these taken down and sent to the civil government as proof against the students whom the Vice Rector was certain were behind all these.

4. What did the katedratiko mean when he said that Capitan Tiago smells like a corpse?

He noted that Padre Irene and Simoun were visiting Capitan Tiago more often. And since they will benefit from the demise of Capitan Tiago, those two regular visitors were like crows and vultures (birds who linger near those who are about to die).

5. Why did Isagani look pale during his speech?

He was feeling extremely angry and hurt because his groupmates started panicking, fearful of the recent events.

6. Who was behind those signs (paskil)?

Most likely it was the frailes. They wanted to frame the students. Most likely, it was Vice Rector Sibyla who was behind all these.

7. Why did Makaraig call Basilio an honorable friend?

Makaraig thought that Basilio, who did not join their group during the past good times, was now willing to be with them in the midst of the crackdown by the government on the students. Well, that’s what Makaraig thought.

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